2022AW“GOCA original texstile” blouse GC210746 black 墨色

白無地 正絹100%の反物に GOCAJAPAN オリジナルのアネモネ・ミツバチ柄と 墨色に染め上げた(捺染)ブラウス。
シルクの素材は 冬は温かく夏は涼しい万能な素材です。サイズはワンサイズですが ゆったり目のお作りになります。数量限定の商品になります。

一反一反丁寧に織られた個性豊かな本物の着物をより身近に 世界中の人々にも伝え 楽しんでいただきたい。
シルク100%の美しさと着心地の良さに きっと手放せなくなるはずです。

(平置き)身幅 51.5cm
着丈 52cm
袖丈 70cm
リボン丈 67cm

●原産国/日本 Made in Japan
●原料/正絹 絹100%


GOCA’s prouduct is the closest feel of a real kimono.
I would like you to know the beauty of kimonos and incorporate them into your life.
I really want everyone to feel that same emotion, and enjoy wearing unique and traditional kimono that are hand made.
GOCA has a very unique design that are crafted to not have the same color or design for each kimono they make.
You cannot live without GOCA's comfortable, 100% silk kimono.
With the concept of creating the modern lifestyle with the traditional
hand-weaving technique, we aim for the tripartite fusion of tradition,fashion and art as well as the seamless cycle of material
production, dyeing and hand-weaving until giving the final touches to the product. We dwell on handiwork of each craftman.
Japan’s premium silk growing land, Tango has been weaving KIMONO textiles over the past 300 years. Tango is known for the natural landscape made up of
the sea, mountains and rivers that create scenic beauty. It is also the ancient legends still breathing to this day.


It is made from delicate material, so it is possible to get caught easily and may tear.
Please handle with care.


How to care and preservation of GOCA “KIMONO BLOUSE”
・After you wear it, please dry it out of direct sunlight for a few hours todistract the temperature and humidity.
・Sweat and humidity are causes of discoloration and mold, so please dry it out of direct sunlight and on a day with less humidity and good weather.
・When mold grows, there are cases where it gets difficult to remove stains.
・Please don't contact GOCA KIMONO BLOUSE and mothballs directly. If you use
more than two types of mothballs at the same time, it causes discoloration and stains, so please be careful.
・Please don't use high temperature iron or steam iron. It hurts the silk fabric.
・It is not advisable to self-wash at home.
・Dry cleaning ok.



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